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Freedom Beast (Artwork from the interior of Animal
 #13 July 1989. Art by Chas Truog.)



Black Characters in Today’s (and Yesterday’s) Anime by Jacqueline Cottrell 
February 27, 2013, from Nerdy-but-Flirty

"Comics for Africa: Nigerian Folk Tales Provide Inspiration for Spider Stories – A New Action Cartoon Set in an African Fantasy Land," The Guardian May 9, 2013

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for CNN [African Voices], June 23, 2015

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Vibrnium - [Fictional Metal ]

List of Characters


Africa's Past: Ife and Benin Kingdom (12th-19th century) [Min: 1:30:52]

African Tales The Movie - Mark of Uru - Enemy of the Rising Sun -
Business and Pleasure [Min: 1:03:50]

Chika The Rites Of Perdition African Cartoon [Min: 57:40]

Lost Kingdoms of Africa 4 of 4 West Africa [Min: 48:33]




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