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Comics - African
African Characters

Freedom Beast

Flint [Wikipedia]

Black Panther (T'Challa) - [Wakanda is a fictional nation]

Computo is the code name for Danielle Foccart – [Ivory Coast]

Doctor Mist

Embyrre - an ancient African Vampiress

Flint (Victoria Ngengi) – [Kenya]

Freedom Beast - [South Africa]

Gentle (Nezhno Abidemi)

Impala – [Zulu warrior from South Africa]

Invisible Kid (Jacques Foccart) – [Ivory Coast]

Vixen (Mari Jiwe McCabe) – [West African]

Moses Magnum – [Ethiopian]

N'Kantu the Living Mummy – [Northern African tribe],_the_Living_Mummy

Sekhmet - [Kemet/Egypt]

Shola Inkosi - [from Genosha (a fictional island nation located near Madagascar)]

Solomon Prey - [Wakanda is a fictional nation],_Solomon

Storm (Ororo Munroe)  - [kingdom lies hidden in the
Great Rift Valley of Africa]

Vibrania[South Africa]


Docto Mist [Wikipedia]

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