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Black Conquistadors


Juan Garrido (left) with a Spanish Explorer [Image is from BlackAmericaweb]

AFRICAN CONQUISTADORS - Juan Garrido, Hernando Cortez,
and the Conquest of Mexico

African Explorers of Spanish America – Park Ethnography Program

Black Conquistadors: Armed Africans in Early Spanish
America (1500s) –

“Black Conquistadors Armed Africans in Early Spanish America,”
The Americas
Vol.52 No.2 October 2000, pgs. 171-205

“Black conquistadors and the politics of resistance” – The University of Toledo
– Research News Just another site

Escamilla, Luis. Garrido, Juan (c. 1480-c.1550),

Estevanico, the Black Conquistador – PBS Conquistador

The First African American - Video - Bank of American

“Juan Garrido,” by John E. Worth, Teaching

Restall, Matthew, and Felipe Fernández-Armesto. 2012. The Conquistadors:
A Very Short Introduction
. Oxford: Oxford University Press.


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