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Haitian Revolution


Scene of the Battle of Vertières during the Haitian Revolution, engraved 1845 [Public Domain]

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Economic impact of the Haitian Revolution - PBS Black in
Latin America [Video]

The Haitian Revolution 1794 - 1804 - PBS African in America
Resource Bank

Haiti: Revolutionary War 1791 - 1803

The Other Revolution: Haiti, 1789-1804 - The John Carter Brown Library

Sutherland, Claudia E. "Haitian Revolution (1791-1804),"

Haitian Revolutionary - [Wikipedia Article]


Greatest Black Emancipation: The Haitian Revolution (1791-1804) – [Min: 40:56]

Haitian History with Professor Bayyinah Bello – [Min: 16:14]

Jean-Jacques Dessalines by Prof. Bayyinah Bello – [Min: 12:29]

PBS Egalite for All: Toussaint Louverture and
the Haitian Revolution (2009) -
[Min: 56:22]


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