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World War I


"Some of the colored men of the 369th (15th N.Y.) who won the Croix de Guerre for gallantry in
Left to right. Front row: Pvt. Ed Williams, Herbert Taylor, Pvt. Leon Fraitor, Pvt. Ralph
Hawkins. Back Row: Sgt. H. D. Prinas, Sgt. Dan Strorms, Pvt. Joe Williams, Pvt. Alfred Hanley,
and Cpl. T. W. Taylor. 1998 print. Records of the War Department General and Special.
(165-WW-127-8) [Public Domain]

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Ahmet Ali Çelikten - [Wikipedia Article]

Garner, Carla W. “Bullard, Eugene Jacques (1894-1961),”

Eugene Jacques Bullard - National Museum of U.S. Air Force


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The Harlem Hellfighters – [Min: 4:04]

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Harlem Hellfighters Homecoming – [Min: 2:56]

(1917-18) WW1 - African American Soldiers in France – [Min: 8:00]

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