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Explorers / Guide


Stephen Bishop

Matthew Henson

Mathieu Dacosta

York (Wikipedia)

William H. Sheppard

Moses Harris

Jim Beckwourth


The Black Explorers and Guides of Mammoth Cave:

Stephen Bishop
Ed Bishop
Materson Bransford
Matt Bransford (grandson of Mat Bransford)
Nick Bransford (no known blood relation to Materson Bransford)
Will Garvin
Ed Hawkins

“Black History at Mammoth Cave”

Jim Beckwourth – Explore, Fur Trader and Mountain Man

“Jim Pierson Beckwourth 1798-1866,”

“Jim Beckwourth,” Bighorn Canyon- National Park Service

Ravage, John W. “Beckwourth, James Pierson (c. 1805 - 1866),”

Stephen Bishop – Cave Explorer

“Stephen Bishop” - Kentucky African American Giots

“Stephen Bishop African-American Cave Explorer and Underground Railroad Agent”
by Henry Robert Burke

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Mathieu Dacosta – Explore & Translator Canada

Annu, Oguejiofo. “Mathieu Da Costa: The Black man (Ladino Moor)
Who Discovered Canada,”
Rasta Livewire

Johnston, A.J.B. “Mathieu Da Costa and Early Canada: Possibilities and
Parks Canada, Halifax

Mathieu Da Costa – Historica Canada

Isabel de Olvera – part of an expedition to New Mexico in 1600.

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Isabel (?-?),”

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Esteban Gomez – ship captain and explored

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– Explorer

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Moses Harris – Guide

Helm, Matt. “Harris, Moses [aka Black Moses / "Black Squire"] (1800?-1849),”

Moses “Black” Harris Pioneer Of 1822

Compiled by Stephenie Flora Oregonpioneers.Com

Matthew Henson – Explorer

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Pedro Alonso Nino - A navigator and explorer

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William H. Sheppard – Explorer

"Black Livingstone" Blazed Trail in Dark Congo of 1800s,” by D.L. Parsell, National Geographic News March 1, 2002

A 'Black-White' Missionary on the Imperial Stage: William H. Sheppard and Middle-Class Black Manhood by John G. Turner, Department of History, University of South Alabama

Steamfunk Adventurers & Explorers: Black Pathfinders in the Age of Steam!

– Explorer

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Millner, Darrell. “York ( ?- ?),”

Recognizing York - Lewis and Clark College, Portland Oregon


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