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History of Black Travels

“Automobile in American Life and Society: Driving While Black: The Car and Race
Relations in Modern America
,” by Thomas J. Sugrue

“Guidebook that Aided Black Travelers during Segregation Reveals Vastly Different D.C.,”
by J. Freedom du Lac Washington Post, Sunday, September 12, 2010

“The Green Book: The First Travel Guide for African-Americans Dates to the 1930s,”
by Kate Kelly, Huff Post Travel Jan 6, 2014

“'Green Book' Helped African-Americans Travel Safely” - NPR

“‘Green Book’ Helped Keep African American Safe on the Road” PBS [Independent Lens]

The Negro Motorist Green Book [Wikipedia]

“The Open Road Wasn’t Quite Open to All,” by Celia Mcgee, New York Times Aug. 22, 2010

“Travel Guide Helped African-Americans Navigate Tricky Times,” by Emma Lacey-Bordeaux and Wayne Drash,
Black in America [Also has a Video]

“Traveling while Black: A Jim Crow Survival Guide” by Lew Powell North Carolina Miscellany

“Traveling While Black” by Farai Chideya, New York Times Jan. 3, 2014

“‘We Out Here’: Inside the New Black Travel Movement,” by Charlise Ferguson, The Daily Beast, Jan 4, 2015

“Why Black Youth Must Travel,” by Arielle Loren, Ebony Magazine February 23, 2012

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