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Marjorie Charlot founder of Sankofa Archives
(photo by Lisa Mona)

“Until lions have their historians, tales of the hunt shall always glorify the hunter.”

~ African Proverb ~ 

Sankofa Word
Sankofa is a Ghanaian word meaning “to go back and get it” or “to go back and take.” This Ghanaian word has two symbols a heart and a mythical bird moving forward with its head turned backwards symbolizing the importance of learning from the past.  The egg in the bird’s mouth represents future generations to come.  These two symbols of Sankofa were combined to make the logo of this website.


The Sankofa Archives and its Galleries were created to help people of African descent  worldwide research their history and see positive images of their ancestors and their contributions. The website was founded by New York-based Librarian Marjorie Charlot, who is of Haitian descent. She has advanced degrees in Architecture Technology, Library Information Science and Urban Studies. Charlot has worked in libraries for more than 20 years and continues to supervise and instruct at academic libraries.

Leo is the mascot of The Sankofa Archives. He will accompany you wherever you go. Click on Leo when you want to return to the home page.


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