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Ivan Van Sertima

Black Scholars

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Ivan Van Sertima -[Wikipedia Article]


African Presence in Early Europe. New Brunswick [N.J.], U.S.A.:
Transaction Books. 1985.

Black Women in Antiquity. New Brunswick [N.J.] U.S.A.: Transaction Books. 1984.

Early America revisited. New Brunswick [u.a.]: Transaction Publishers. 2002.

Egypt: Child of Africa. New Brunswick [u.a.]: Transaction Publ. 1995.

Egypt Revisited. New Brunswick (USA) [u.a.]: Transaction Publ.1995.

Golden Age of the Moor. New Brunswick, U.S.A.: Transaction Publishers. 1992.

Great Black Leaders: Ancient and Modern. New Brunswick, N.J.:
Journal of African Civilizations. 1988.

They Came Before Columbus. New York: Random House. 1976.

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Golden Age of the Moor - SHAZER EVERQUAR [PDF]






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