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Fraternities / Sororities
Books & Articles

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity A Legacy of Leadership and Service
[Ebony Magazine, Nov 1989, vol. XLV, no. 1, p.128-130]

Black Fraternities and Sororities: Kappa Alpha Psi
[Ebony Magazine, May 1990, vol. XLV, no. 7, pgs. 174-176]

Black Greeks Stepping Up: From Jim Crow to the Jena 6, Black Greek-Letter Organizations
Continue to Make an Impact on History by Joy T. Bennett
[Ebony Magazine, Feb 2008, vol. LXIII, no. 4, pgs. 104-108]

Brown, Tamara L., Gregory S. Parks, and Clarenda M. Phillips. 2012. African American
Fraternities And Sororities The Legacy And The Vision. Lexington: University Press of Kentucky.

Fraternities and Sororities: A Dramatic Comeback on Campus
[Ebony Magazine, Dec 1983, vol. XXXIX, no.2, pgs. 93- Continues on page98]

Harris, Robert L., and Rosalyn Terborg-Penn. 2008. The Columbia Guide To African American History Since 1939.
New York: Columbia University Press.

Ivy Leaf: 1921–1998 A Chronicle of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority [PDF File]

Kimbrough, Walter M. 2003. Black Greek 101: The Culture, Customs, And Challenges Of Black Fraternities And Sororities.
Madison Teaneck [N.J.]: Fairleigh Dickinson University Press.

Omega Psi Phi Organization, founded at Howard University, Stresses Leadership and Service,
[Ebony Magazine, September 1993, vol. XLVIII, no. 11, pgs 112 – 114]

Parks, Gregory. 2008. Black Greek-Letter Organizations In The Twenty-First Century Our Fight Has Just Begun.
Lexington, Ky: University Press of Kentucky.

Ross, Lawrence C. 2000. The Divine Nine: The History Of African American Fraternities And Sororities.
New York, NY: Kensington Books.

It’s Time to Stop ‘The Dance’ by Lillian P. Benbow [Ebony Magazine, Oct 1976, vol. XXXI, no. 12, p. 52]

Zeta Phi Beta, Founded at Howard University, Group Celebrates 71st Anniversary with Innovative Programs[Ebony Magazine, May 1991, vol. XLVI, no. 7, pgs 58 - 60]

Black & White

Whites in Black Sororities [Ebony Magazine, Dec 2000, vol. LVI no. 2, pgs. 172-176]

Confrontation on the Campus by Leronr Bennett Jr. [Ebony Magazine, May 1968, vol. XXIII no.7 , pgs. 27-34]




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