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Oceania People

Culture & Society

Oceania | Black Pacific Islanders of Melanesia

Franipani (Plumeria) flowers in Perth, Western Australia

Sex And Race; Negro-Caucasian Mixing in All Ages and All Lands Vol. I.
New York: H.M. Rogers. 1944, pgs 72-78.


Black People of the South Pacific - [Min: 3:50]

Melanesia Black Pacific Islanders - [Min: 3:45]

 Melanesians: The Afrikans of the South Pacific - [Min: 7:29]

Melanesian People The Black Pacific Islanders - [Min: 5:09]

Other Ethnicities with Fair Hair (Melanesians) - [Min: 3:47]

The Origins of Fijians – [Min 9:31]

Papua Melanesia - [Min: 3:08]

The People from Papua Melanesia Oceania - [Min: 3:03]

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