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Communities | Geechee and Gullah

A Gullah Woman Makes a Sweetgrass Basket in Charleston's City Market, 2012
[photo by Mattstone911]

Bill Will Provide Millions for Gullah Community

Cross, Wilbur. 2012. Gullah culture in America. Winston-Salem, N.C.:
John F. Blair, Publisher.

Double Homecoming American Indians with African Roots Return to the "Rice Coast" Diaspora by Joseph Opala 

Geechee and Gullah Culture

Geechee and Gullah Culture
Heritage Corridor National Park Service

The Gullah: Rice, Slavery, and the Sierra Leone-American Connection
by Joseph Opala

The Language You Cry In

'New Testament' Translated into Gullah


Growing Up Gullah - [Min: 1:12:24]

Gullah - [6 Videos]

Gullah-Geechee People - [Min: 4:13]

Home Across the Water [Min: 27:06]

Preserving the Gullah-Geechee Culture - A Coastal Tax Fight - [Min: 3:35]

The Skin Quilt Project- The Africanisms in
Gullah/Geechee and African-American Culture
- [Min: 7:05]

The Traditions of Gullah Geechee - [Min: 1:57]


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