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Communities | Seneca Village, Mahattan N.Y.

A map of Seneca Village fomerly located in today's Central Park in Manhattan, 1857.
[Public Domain]

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Political Activism In New York City, 1784-1861
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Andrew Williams’ affidavit of petition

Before Park, Black Village; Students Look Into a Community's History
by Douglas Martin, New York Times April 07, 1995

Death of Seneca Village by Erica Pearson July 21, 2003

Excerpt from Central Park Condemnation Map, 1856

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Cities Of The Imagination
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Page from the 1855 New York State Census

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Seneca Village

Seneca Village MAAP (Mapping the African America Past) [Videos]

Seneca Village Site

Seneca Village and the Making Of Central Park

Under Central Park, and Now on Radar by David W. Dunlap August 10, 2005

A Village Dies, A Park Is Born by Douglas Martin, New York Times,
January 31, 1997

The Seneca Village Website by Ellen Noonan

Seneca Village Videos

Seneca Village // History - [Min: 4:48]

Seneca Village Project // History of the Project - [Miin: 6:06]

Seneca Village Project // What's Next - [Min: 3:03]

Seneca Village Descendant Comments on NY Divided Exhibit - [Min: 2:32]


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