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Settlements | Fort Mose, St, Augustine Fl.

Fort Mose [Public Domain]

African Americans Settle in Fort Mose

Curtis, Nancy C. 1996. Black Heritage Sites. New York: New Press.

Chronology of Fort Mose Events

Fort Mose (Florida) by James Bullock, from

Fort Mose America’s Black Colonial Fortress of Freedom, from
Historical Archaeology at the Florida Museum of National History

Fort Mose Historical Society  

Fort Mose Colonial America’s Bank Fortress of Freedom by Penny Rhatigan
Tampa Bay Magazine
, May/June 1995, p.19

Fort Mose Site, Aboard the Underground Railroad, National Park

Legacy of Fort Mose by Darcie Macmahon and Kathleen Deagan, from Archaeology
Volume 49 Number 5, September/October 1996 [Abstract]

Fort Mose by Amy Howard from

Henderson, Ann L., and Gary Ross Mormino. 1991. Spanish pathways in Florida,
. Sarasota, Fla: Pineapple Press.


Fort Mose – [Min: 2:34]

Fort Mosé State Park St Augustine, FL – [Min: 2:44]

Fort Mose – [Min: 2:13]




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