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Blacktowns | Blackdom, New Mexico

Blackdom New Mexico [Image from GoodReads]


Binkovitz, Leah. “Welcome to Blackdom: The Ghost Town That Was New Mexico’s First Black Settlement A Homesteading Settlement Founded Out Of Reach of Jim Crow Is Now a Ghost Town, But Postal Records Live On To Tell Its Story,”, February 4, 2013

The Town of Blackdom

LeMay, John. 2009. Chaves County. Charleston, SC: Arcadia Pub.

New Mexico [Type Blackdom in the Search Box]

THE ROAD TO NICODEMUS: Black Towns in the Age of Steam!

Town of Blackdom - [Wikipedia Article]

Wiseman, Regge N. Glimpses of Late Frontier Life in New Mexico’s Southern
Pecos Valley: Archaeology and History at Blackdom and Seven Rivers

Museum of New Mexico Office of Archaeological Studies
Archaeology Notes 233 2001


COLORES | Blackdom | New Mexico PBS - [Min: 25:31]



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