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"Escape with Masters Carriages and Horses. Harrit Shephard, and Her Five Children, with
Other Passengers"


Africville Videos

AFRICVILLE Nova Scotia - [Min: 4:03]

CBC Digital Archives - Africville: Expropriating Nova Scotia's blacks

Remember Africville
by Shelagh Mackenzie, 1991, 35min video

Remember Africville:Community in Nova Scotia, Canada Where Black
Citizens were Forced to Leave
- [Min: 34:39]

Blackdom Video

COLORES | Blackdom | New Mexico PBS - [Min: 25:31]

Blacktowns in Oklahoma Videos

African American Statehood Greatness of Black Towns in Oklahoma - [Min: 7:13]

All Black Town Boley, Oklahoma Had An Electrical Power Plant,
Water System, Ice Plant in 1910!
– [Min: 4:59]

Black Town Boley, Oklahoma Had its Own Telephone Company
Built By Blacks One Of The Few Left -
[Min: 7:48]

Rosewood Video

Rosewood, Florida, Today – [Min: 1:57]

Seneca Village Videos

Seneca Village // History - [Min: 4:48]

Seneca Village Project // History of the Project - [Miin: 6:06]

Seneca Village Project // What's Next - [Min: 3:03]

Seneca Village Descendant Comments on NY Divided Exhibit - [Min: 2:32]

Weeksville Videos

The City Concealed: Weeksville, Brooklyn - [Min: 5:47]

Creating Virtual Weeksville - [Min: 8:21]

Tourist In Your Own Town #7: Weeksville Heritage Center - [Min: 1:58]

Weeksville - [Min: 3:35]

Weeksville Heritage Center, Brooklyn - [Min: 4:45]


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