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Blacktowns | Mound Bayou, Mississippi

Mound Bayou Residents in Front of Store, Late 1930s [Public Domain]

Founds All-Black Town

Isaiah Montgomery

Isaiah Montgomery (1847 - 1924) PBS Jim Crow Stories

Sewell, George A., and Margaret L. Dwight. 1984. Mississippi Black History Makers. Jackson: Univ. Pr. of Mississippi.

Mound Bayou (1887- ) by Herbert G. Ruffin II, from

Mound Bayou: After the Hard Times by Lois Steward Black Enterprise
June 1978, Vol. 8, No. 11 pg 44

Orr Klopfer, M. Susan, Fred Klopfer, and Barry Klopfer. 2006. Where Rebels Roost: Mississippi Civil Rights Revisited. [Fort Madison, Iowa?]: M.S. Orr Klopfer. [About Theodore Roosevelt Mason “T.R.M.” Howard pg 643]

Mound Bayou Movement History of Mound Bayou

A Success Story of African-American Entrepreneurship (Excerpted from
Making Money the Old-Fashioned Way by Aaron Bocage and George Waters,
EDTEC, Inc., 2000, pp.31-34. Used with permission.)

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