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Blacktowns | New Philadelphia, Illinois

Frank McWorter's 1836 plat map of New Philadelphia [Public Domain]

Cha-Jua, Sundiata Keita. 2000. America's first Black town: Brooklyn, Illinois,
1830 - 1915.
Urbana [u.a.]: Univ. of Illinois Press.

Determining the Facts Reading 1: Free Frank McWorter

Federal and State Census Data Related to New Philadelphia

Walker, Juliet E. K. 1983. Free Frank: a Black pioneer on the antebellum
. Lexington, Ky: University Press of Kentucky.

Free Frank New Philadelphia Illinois

Historical Landscapes of New Philadelphia, Illinois

History In The Making by Roberta Codemo

Map and Deed Records of New Philadelphia, Illinois Excerpt from Atlas Map
of Pike County, Illinois, 1872 and Deed Records for New Philadelphia

The McWorter Family Selected Documents about an African American Family

New Philadelphia Archaeology Project Updates on Project Progress
October 2, 2010

New Philadelphia, Illinois (1836- ) by Carla W. Garner, from

New Philadelphia: A Multiracial Town on the Illinois Frontier

New Philadelphia: A Pioneer Town...

New Philadelphia Project Pedestrian Survey: Final Report and Catalog Phase I Archaeology at the Historic Town of New Philadelphia, Illinois by Tom Gwaltney

REU Sites Program: Interdisciplinary Investigations at New Philadelphia


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