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The Martyrdom of Saint Maurice and
the Theban Legion [See More]

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African SaintsJet Magazine [Religion Section], July 4, 1963, Vol. XXIV, No. 11, page 24. 

Civil Rights Martyrs
“On the Civil Rights Memorial are inscribed the names of individuals who lost their lives in the struggle for freedom during the modern Civil Rights Movement - 1954 to 1968. The martyrs include activists who were targeted for death because of their civil rights work; random victims of vigilantes determined to halt the movement; and individuals who, in the sacrifice of their own lives, brought new awareness to the struggle.”

Martyrdom of Saint Maurice anf the Theban Legion
"A traveler on the highway that leads from Geneva to Rome, will notice a small and a very old Swiss town called "Saint Maurice". This town was known in the Roman times as "Aguanum", an important communication center. It was there that a Coptic officer named Maurice and 6600 of his fellow soldiers died for the sake of Christ at the hands of the impious Emperor Maximian (285-305 AD)"

The National Black Catholic Congress - Black Martyrs

“. . . reports state that many African nuns were killed under the Arian King Huneric in the fifth century.”

Rogers, Joel Augustus.1996. World's Great Men of Color, Volume 2. New York, NY: Touchstone, pages 4.

The Scillitan Martyrs – [Wikipedia]
“. . . were a company of twelve North African Christians who were executed for their beliefs on 17 July 180. The martyrs take their name from Scilla (or Scillium), a town in Numidia.”

Tortured Ugandans Boosted for Catholic Sainthood Jet Magazine [Foreign Section], July 25, 1963, Vol. XXIV, No.14, page 26. 


The Martyers of Uganda
On 3 June 1886, thirty-two young men, pages of the court of King Mwanga of Buganda, were burned to death at Namugongo for their refusal to renounce Christianity. In the following months many other Christians throughout the country died by spear or fire for their faith.

The Uganda Martyrs Their Countercultural Witness Still Speaks Today by Bob French

Uganda Martyrs - [Wikipedia Article]


Black Saints, Black Martyrs, Black Catholics Genesis [Min: 1:45] by romereports

Saint Charles Lwanga and Companions [Min 2:20] uploaded June 04, 2010 by breski1 

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