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Slavery I


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La Amistad Latin-America Rapes Slave Laws Women & Slavery Videos


"Slavers Revenging their Losses," [Public Domain]

Arab Muslims invented slavery!!! - [Min 8:47]

The History of Slavery In America part - [3 Videos]

The History of Slavery in Brazil - [Min 46:54]

Mauritania: Slavery's last stronghold - [Min 22:53]

Slavery And The Making Of America - [Min 3:43:34]

Slavery in the Chocolate Industry - [Min 46:31]

Black Role in the Slave Trade

Africans started slavery - how it REALLY happened – [Min 2:27]

SLAVERY SECRET: "Africans sold other Africans into slavery" -
Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. [Min 1:43]

Nobody Watches PBS: The Slave Kingdoms Edition – [Min 26:58]

Slave kingdoms part 1 Elmina Kumasi.mpg – [Min 22:27]


Afro-Caribbean Ties: Maroon & Indigenous Roots – [Min 2:27]

Palenque San Basilio, Bolivar, Maroon Community in Colombia – [Min 4:09]

Maroons of Jamaica

The Maroon Heritage of Moore Town - [3:11]

Jamaican Maroons and Granny Nanny [1:55]

Volunteer Abroad and Learn About the Jamaican Maroon Runaway
Slaves – [Min 5:03]

Nanny Town Rediscovered – [Min 5:37]

Queen Nanny – [Min 9:20]

Language of the Maroons of Jamaica

The Kromanti Language of the Jamaican Maroons (Final edit) - [Min 12:54]

Slave Narratives

A Story of Slavery: A True Story, Repeated Word For Word
As I Heard It - [Min 14:27]

Slave Narratives Full - [1:13:22]

Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl [8 Videos]



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